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Equipment for Andes

I changed some gear for traveing South-America.But it's not only for Andes,I think good choise to travel in many places because those are try,test and true from my experience. However,if it's not long-term trip,I want to reduce gears(at least not need 2 side bags)

Total weight : bike(15kg) + other items(22kg)


総重量:自転車(15kg) + 他の荷物(22kg)


*ARAYA randonneur ran

I've used this bike more than 10 years and it's originally for traveling on paved road.I made some change for traveling on gravel road.Bike flame is made by steel,of course,it's no change.Tire is Schwalve Marathon 2 inch,V brake,3*10 speed gear.And I really like this Autumn leaf color,it's always photogenic wherever.



* 2 side bag(ORSTRICH) * 2 waterproof side bag(ORTLIEB) * 1 front bag (DIY from camera bag) * 1 backpac(Mont-bell"balance light 40L")

My front bag is,so to speak"DIY".It was originally camera bag,and then I made attachments to set on handle bar.I used other specific front bag,but it was too big and heavy.New one is smaller and filled with just one camera and camera lends,but I was succsessful of reducing weight. 2 side bags are not waterproof,but I set plastic bag inside,so doesn't matter if rain. Backpack is available for both cycling and trekking.



*OLYMPUS OM-D EM-5 Mark2 lends:12-40mm f2.8 & 40-150mm f5.6 *OLYMPUS TG-4 w/additional fisheye lends *Normal Trypod(Manfrott) *Small trypod(Gorira pod) *1 battery and cable controller for OM-D

Mirrorless camera helps me with its light weight and EM5 MK2 is awesome to take a video without shaked flame. TG-4 is tough camera includes water & sand proof and strong against hitting camera.I also can expect interesting picture with fisheye lends.

ミラーレス一眼にしたことで、以前のカメラより重量が半分に。動画時の手振れ補正が非常に優れていて、手持ちでも映像がとてもなめらか。タイムラプスやインターバル撮影機能もあり、色々面白い絵が撮れそうです。 TG4は防水防塵耐衝撃のタフカメラ。コンパクトカメラは取り回しが楽で、大きいカメラを出しにくい状況でも比較的使いやすい。外付けのフィッシュアイレンズの効果も楽しみなところです。 三脚は以前から使用しているManfrottに加え、軽量で足がクネクネ曲がるのGorira Podも導入してみました。 モバイルバッテリーを導入したので、カメラのバッテリーはOM用一つのみ(充電器はUSBタイプを別で購入)ケーブルリモコンは星動画用(非純正)


* 2 trekking pants (Mont-bell & Karimorr) * 2 long sleeve t-shirts(Mont-bell) & 1 short(North Face) * freese jacket(Colombia) * ultra light down jacket(Uniqlo) * Rain jacket & pants(Kathmands & LOGOS) * 3 socks & 3 underwears. * Merinowool long sleeve shirt & cotton tites(Mont-bell & Uniqlo) * 2 gloves(one is waterproof/Macpac) * nitt head wear * 2 towels

I decided to use "outdoor wear" from traveling South-America.Those clotings are fast-dry ,light-weight,smooth strenghs,so that very nice for biking.Mont-bell is nice cost-peformance outdoor gear bland in Japan.Maybe looks what if I'm getting sponcer-ship from them.



* SOTO MUKA STOVE (petrol stove) * 2 outdoor pans,catraly,cutting board & nife * coffee gears (hand grinder & dripper)

Many cyclists use MSR stove,however I really recommend you Soto Muka Stove(made in Japan).Very easy to use and maintain,high power(difficult at small fire). I should reduce luxuly items,but coffee items is definitely essencial.

多くのサイクリストはMSR製のガソリンストーブを使っていますが、日本製のSOTO MUKA STOVEは操作性が優しく、メンテナンスに手間がかからないので自信を持っておすすめできます。製造元の新富士バーナーさんは、問い合わせ時の対応も非常に親切で、僕の冒険旅行の事情を知ってから、製品のサポートまでして下さり、非常に感謝しています。 荷物を軽くするために嗜好品は極力持つべきでないのですが、コーヒー道具だけはどうしても外せませんでした。


* Dell 11-inch Laptop * SIM-free smart phone * 1TB portable HDD * 16000Amp power bank(with solar charge) * head light * cables,battely chargers,power tranceformers

My laptop is not light-weight,but I thought it may be silly to buy new one for light-weight.If it's not long trip like 1 month,I will not bring laptop.Power bank is necessary if you often try to camp out.


Biking with

* Helmet(Specialized) * Trekking shoes(Mont-bell"Lap-land boots") * Sandales * 2 Sunglases(clear & dark)


Repairing tool for bike

I have essencial tools for usual maintainance and dismantle & set up at the airport.Plus some spare parts.If I meet situation that it's difficult to fix with my tools,I'll look for bike shop.



* Tent (Snow Peak"Land Breeze Solo") * Foot print (below tent) * down sleeping bag(Nanga"Aurora 600") * Inner sheets(Isuka) * Sleeping matless(Tharm-rest) * Air portable pillow(Mont-bell)

My tent looks nice humble color in nature.In terms of sleeping bag,comfortable tempereture seems to be -10℃,but I felt little cold even under 0℃.So I bring an additonal inner Sheet.Some people might hate bring pillow because they use clothing insted of it.However,stable pillow help my sleeping better and light-weight(just 0.1kg)doesn't make me feel heavy.

扱いやすさと自然に溶け込むカラー・デザインは流石のSnow Peak。他社製テントも検討したけど、結局以前使っていたのと同じものを買い直し(ちなみにすでに廃盤の商品です、復刻したらいいのに)。ダウンシュラフは水に弱いものですが、NangaのAuroraシリーズは防水使用でカバーいらず。快適使用温度-10℃のものを購入しましたが、テスト時-1℃でめちゃくちゃ温かい気もしなかったので、一応予備でインナーシーツ(Isuka)も持っていきます。暑い日はインナーシーツ1枚で使えるし。今までは「衣服を枕代わり派」だったのですが、睡眠において「安定性」は大事よねということで、軽量なエア枕(Mont-bell)を導入しました。

Items for living

* first aid kit * body care kit * portable backet & clips * water filter pen * emergency tharmal sheet * mosquit coil * sawing kit

Portable backet is useful at self-washing clothings.My friend gave me water filter pen,but I'm thinking it's for emergency situation and I made it change possible to make clean water into other bottle for boiling just in case.

釣り具屋さんで購入出来る折り畳みバケツは、自分で洗濯する時に大活躍、洗濯ロープは荷台ロープを流用。水を浄化してくれるWater filter penは友達からいただいたもの。例えば川の水などから、99%の有害な物質は取り除くそうだが、微細なウィルスや化学物質までは難しいよう。あくまで非常用のアイテムですね。ホースの切れ端を接続して、ボトルに水を貯めれる使用に工夫してみました。

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